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Hey all!
Welcome one and all to our guild! We are a social leveling guild who hope to encompass all aspects of the game itself for a balanced and more enjoyable experience for every type of  player. New to WoW, long time player, fun finding chatters, and heavy raiders alike. We will begin this collaboration by getting to know what makes each member tick, eventually build our ranks up to develop pve and  pvp teams. Some examples of goals would be cooperation, respect in it's pure form, and creating an enjoyable experience for all involved. As a guild we intend to encompass both individuality as well as camaraderie when in groups.
     This will not be an easy task you may think but honestly it ends up more trouble and work to re-build something once broke and useless then maintain it while its running smoothly. Are you a player who likes making friends and the random dungeon for fun? That's great then! Are you wanting to quest and know someone's willing to if they are able pop over and help out? Join up! Are you a dedicated dungeon and raid seeker interested in developing the next great team and see what you can get out of that type of content? I say that's awesome! The basic formula is the guild supports the guild, not just a random assortment of misfits tolerating each other hoping one day to one have a fallout and turn on one another, or 42 solo-minded players out for personal glory and simply sticking around for the heck of it.
     What this means is anyone can run the game alone, it's easy-convenient-and lackluster in the end. It takes a special group who can form together, maintain together, and succeed together. Realistic, mature, helpful, and maybe not always serious but definitely on the real topics and situations.
    Rules are simple and easy, first is have respect. We all play the game how we feel is best for ourself, some like the socializing, some the aspect of fully gearing up, while others this isn't a big deal. It's simple that we all hide behind pixels but all have real feelings in the end. Disrespect and harassment are not acceptable in any form, and I myself enjoy a good joke so good natured and what's considered a clear joking comment is always ok let's just keep it in line with the respect/harassment frame. Penalty is simple, everyone's expected to have read this, therefore 1 warning issued in a whisper or in-game mail will happen on breaking rules. If this is dis-regarded and the rules are broken again expulsion from the guild may possibly happen and none of us want that we're guild members and let's keep it that way!:)

Hail to the King Baby!
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Hey Guildies!

zilvis, Jun 12, 11 11:28 AM.
How's it going in dawnbringerland? I hope well, anywho so I was thinking we gotta fill the gallery up somewhat,screenshots are cool but sometimes boring so im putting aside a bit of time and for those that decide to be full on involved in making this guild great like I know it can be! I've drawn a couple roughs of myself and Zat's toon and willing to do one of yours,let me know in a mail here or in-game mail or a whisper,whatever works. Take it easy and be well!

Calling all players newbie and old!

Howlingblast, May 22, 11 5:13 AM.
Excalibur is officially open for business! OK so maybe there's no business like show business but we are a guild in need of players of all shapes and sizes, yes even gnomes it's cool.:) We may be new but not new to the game, we may be low in guild level but have big ideas and high aspirations, if your tired of how things always go, end up bad in the end or just don't want to deal with a guild either misguided, uncaring, or not knowledgable in the true meaning of the term guild pop in, check us out and if you like it kick off your shoes-boots-sandals-or whatever us worgen and the draenei wear, relax, and let's make this game a fun and playable environment for all!
How's DB doing?
Dawnbringer (PvE)
open recruiting currently to build ranks and make connections,try us out and see why its one sword to rule, but all are equal!
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